Residential Services

Residential ServicesYour home is a safe, comfortable place that you share with family and friends. We know you’d rather not share your home with insects and other pests.

We also know a lot about what kinds of pests are most likely to threaten your home at different times of the year in our mid-Atlantic region. And we’re ready for them with safe and sensible methods of pest control.

Termite Service

Termite swarmers emerge in the spring with thousands of winged termites, signaling a possible termite infestation.

Left untreated or undetected, termites can cause severe damage to your home. Every home is susceptible to termite infestation, so it’s a good idea to seek an annual professional termite inspection. Reardon Associates offers proven, long-term protection against termites with the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System.

Read more about termites and the damage they can cause.  CALL us at 302.792.9300 or fill out our request form for a free inspection.

Pest Control Service

Reardon Associates employs modern techniques and careful methods of pest control service.

Reardon Associates takes a healthier and more effective approach. We prevent the problem by creating barriers to keep pests out. Our technicians survey the entry points of your home and apply treatment in the right places, repelling pests where you and your family won’t come in contact with applied materials.

For most homes, we recommend the protection of our quarterly service plan. Request a free consultation and receive a 10% discount by filling out the online form here.

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