Where Do Mice Go in Winter?

Mice don’t hibernate.  This time of year is when they start looking for a place to spend the winter.  One of the places they may be looking is YOUR home!

Mice can enter your home through a variety of small crevices. You will want to seal up every opening you can find. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done because some species of mice are so small they can slip through a hole almost as small as a pencil.

Most homes have some kind of pipe or vent going through an outside wall. These spaces, if you can find them, can be plugged with steel wool or wire mesh for bigger holes. Also check the seals and weatherstripping around doors and garage doors.

If mice still manage to slip in, the two basic options are trapping them or poisoning them. Call the experts at Reardon immediately at 302-792-9300 if you notice any droppings or damage.