Bed Bugs on the Rise

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A topic that leaves most Americans very uncomfortable is bed bugs. Bed bug infestations are a year-round phenomenon and appear to be on the rise. Seasonal differences occur, but the “peak season” tends to be summertime. This is likely due to a spike in travel during which people can unknowingly bring bed bugs home.

Bed bugs are found wherever there are people. Typically, professionals battle bed bugs in apartments, condominiums, and single-family homes, as well as in hotels and motels. But because bed bugs are so easily transported by unknowing individuals, infestations have also spiked in such places as nursing homes, office buildings, on public transportation, as well as in shelters, college dorms, day-care centers, health care facilities, stores, libraries, and movie theaters. Clutter is the biggest challenge in treating bed bugs followed by customers not following advice and re-infestation.

Visual inspection continues to be the most common method of finding bed bugs by professionals. Bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to control. Once bed bugs are found, the best treatment is the application of insecticides by professionals. Call the experts at Reardon at 302-792-9300 if you suspect an infestation.

Delaware Mosquito Spray Zone Notification

Delaware Mosquito Spray Zone Notification System

Statewide Aerial & Truck-Mounted Fogging

The same state system that lets Delawareans know about weather-related school closings is being expanded to include notification of where and when mosquito spraying will take place.

It replaces the old email system that sent out statewide spray notifications and the older Listserv for spray notices from the Mosquito Control Section.

The old and new systems don’t interface, so Delawareans who want to receive notice of spraying need to sign up for the new Spray Zone Notification System announcements at

People can get notification by specific area or statewide spraying. People will get notice of aerial insecticide applications for larval or adult mosquito control and planned truck-mounted fogging for adult mosquito control.